Why Pain

Dev Parth

Why does pain linger in our days,
A shadowed path in life's maze?
It's the sculptor of resilience, they say,
Carving strength in our souls' clay.
In tears, we find the strength to rise,
Pain's the reason we seek the skies.
In the "why" of pain, our true selves unfurl,
A reminder that we're part of this world.

Why the pain of every day life,
The 12 hour days of working just to survive,
And only to get by, not to thrive,
Why pain, if we're meant to keep pressing on,
Because we learn from it and grow when all is said and done,
Why pain? I ask myself this everyday,
I must walk through hell to get to heaven someday.

Weaving its way inside,
Like a venomous sting,
Devouring our mind
'Tis the pain's concurring.
Told to be kept concealed,
Like a hideous thing,
But it's what makes us human
The painful feeling.

Through pain's lens, our spirits refine,
Seeking light when no stars align.
Though heavy it weighs, and deep it bites,
It pushes us to reach new heights.
In pain’s embrace, we learn to cope,
For in its depth, we find our hope.

  • Authors: Dev parth (Pseudonym), BlessedbyGod, novaa, GeekSusie
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  • Finished: November 5th, 2023 09:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Category: Sad
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