Opinions worth it?


All the times you felt like giving up,
All the ups and downs you witnessed ,
All the scars with which you ever dealt with,
All the times you were judged for being you,
The failures you have been through,
The rough path you have walked on,
The times you were heartbroken,
Your career broke, your relations fell apart,
You had no choice left, but to depart,
Set your goals to achieve,
So many things behind you had to leave,
And then you come across people ,
Who with their timid minds give you an opinion ,
You should do this , not that,
The ones who did not wear your shoes,
Instantly judging you,
Assuming you , hating you,
Leaving you,
Advising you, then forgetting you.
Manipulating you,
Who had no idea what you have dealt with.
Just telling you , you aren't enough.
Dear Amigo, just go and pat your back.
You have come so far, I am proud of you.
Look in the mirror and smile.
You are the best. And I love you! For the efforts you take, for being yourself!
Now go and ask yourself , the opinion of those people were they worth it?
- Sahil Dhobale

Opinions are like bum holes,
Have no doubt.
Everybody has one,
It's where the crap comes out.

  • Authors: TheQuotedDiary (Pseudonym), Valiantstar
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  • Finished: November 5th, 2023 09:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Category: Reflection
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  • Lil

    I just love this You are so talented I wish I was like this. It reminds me of myself on days.

    • sahildhobalepoetry

      Thanks lil. Don't say that , you are also talented dear. I thank you for your compliment, but don't underestimate yourself dear!

      • Lil

        Thanks it great to hear that.

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