The Feeding Ceremony Of My Little Mother

Ujjal Mandal

200 days have passed.
Nothing but mother's milk
Couldn't quench your hunger-
I know that my little mother!
Sleeping was only the food
You were fed,
So soft your smile were-- and still
Now, like the morning rose!
If you dared to see with your
Own eyes: 
How happy we all became--
Your mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, your little uncle
And me so vastness like the sea!

Finally, the day of feeding
You first time
Has come (on 16th Oct, 2023).
Today is the jolly day that
Will keep you shining when
You look back at your little age,
You are looking like a cute fairy
With magical beauty glistening
On every immature expressions.
To each mature eyes, you
Are unavoidable.
The conch blowing and ringing
Of feeding bells make
The day a special one.
When the sun above our head--
All is feeding you one by one
The first rice and sweets
Of varied shapes & tastes.
I'm also feeding you:
And you are smiling at me,
I'm feeling myself the son
Of my little mother.
The crowd never stops
Your supreme verve & flexibility.

I'm not a writer at all, my little mother!
But I can't escape from penning:
I think this is my malady and
I hope, none is able to cure me.
The thinking of mind is endless
Like the water in the seas!
So, I pray to the Almighty
For your well destiny, good health,
Motherly conscience, right
Justice and long life.
Never be a dead tree that is
Standing straight looking at the skies:
Be the tree full of fruits bending
It's head down.
When you'll grow up, focus only
On the KARMA.

Oh, one day I'll no more, my mother!
As all is born to die.
When I'll no longer alive with you,
Just look then at your face
And I will develop a pink tinge
On you face as you smiled at me
One day.
Don't cry my little mother, when
I'll not present beside you:
Just look then at the sky in the night
And You'll see me twinkling
With your aunt (নিষ্পাপ ও সুন্দর).

  • Author: UJJAL MANDAL (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 21st, 2023 17:52
  • Comment from author about the poem: The poem celebrates the feeding ceremony of my elder brother's daughter Priyangshi[Misti]. She is now 7 months old.
  • Category: Special occasion
  • Views: 4
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