In sorrow's depths, where darkness veils the heart, 

A haunting silence swallows every plea, 

I'll paint a portrait of a tragic art, 

A solemn tale of bleak despair to see. 


Within this verse, my words shall steep in pain, 

With empathy, I'll share a heavy weight, 

Though suicide, like thunderclouds, may reign, 

I'll strive to shed a glimpse of hope's pure fate. 


Yet, tread with caution, for the path is grim, 

And heavy hearts may ache with each refrain, 

But let us dare, in understanding's hymn, 

To shed light on this darkness, numb the pain. 


When shadows dance and drain the soul of light, 

That solitude engulfs within its might, 

When every heartbeat numbs, all hope seems lost, 

At that precipice, life's cruel tempest tossed. 


We whisper fragile thoughts that often hide, 

Behind a mask of smiles, a charade grand, 

For those engulfed, it's like a treacherous ride, 

A desperate plea for help, a stretched-out hand. 


Yet, can we grasp the weight in their dark plight? 

To comprehend the depths their souls are thrown, 

Perhaps if we engage with love's pure light, 

By listening, compassion softly shown. 


In silence, whispers of despair still rise, 

From souls whose burdens become far too great, 

Their worlds collide, obscured by tear-filled eyes, 

No refuge found in this unforgiving state. 


Let's shatter stigma's chains, embrace our own, 

By fostering compassion, love, and grace, 

For darkness thrives when empathy has flown, 

Yet understanding love can leave its trace. 


By standing tall when others need a crutch, 

By lending ears to hear the sorrow's wail, 

A beacon of compassion's gentle touch, 

May yet, in hardship, help to prevail. 


For every soul that lingers at the edge, 

Let's be a light, a guide through deep despair, 

Illuminate their hearts, dissolve the dredge, 

And show that hope, with love, is always there. 


So let this poem serve as a plea out loud, 

To hold each other closely, never less, 

In unity, we'll rise above the shroud, 

And with compassion, heal, restore, and bless. 

  • Author: Bellbell (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 24th, 2023 03:20
  • Comment from author about the poem: Even though life might be hard and sometimes we might feel like its not worth living through things will get better. At least I think that if you try hard enough but I have learnt that you have to want things to get better. It's all about the mindset. For me I'mstill waiting but I believe that i will be ok soon and I don't ave to keep telling people I'm alright when I clearly am not. So just hang on and believe. Have a great day
  • Category: Reflection
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