The Darkness In That Night


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A chill in the air awoke him,
And he pulled his blankets tight.
The booze was running strong;
It had been a good night.
He felt sick and tried to sleep again,
Relaxed and breathed a sigh.
The room was dark and silent,
And he could still taste the rye.
He laid there dazed and lazy,
But something was not right.
He felt the need to investigate
The darkness in that night.
He sat up and rubbed his eyes
And looked over at his side.
When he didn't see her,
A fear crept up inside.
He knew something was wrong;
She is never up this late.
Now his curiosity
Would make him investigate.
He strained his ears to listen,
Hoping he could hear her
But couldn't hear a thing,
Only his heart beating fear.
He stood up and walked to the door
And paused one more time.
Again he heard no sound
But saw a dull light's shine.
It came from downstairs somewhere
And he knew she must be here.
He went down the stairs to find her
And grab another beer.
He went down the stairs slowly
And turned the corner to the hall,
Took two steps to the kitchen.
Two steps -that was all.
He stopped and stood silent.
His body frozen in shock.
His mind trying to comprehend
As time ticked off the clock.
He watched the look of pleasure
The passion in her eye
As she took everything he had
And gave it to another guy.
His body began to tremble,
His emotions ran hot.
He was going to kill them
Right there on the spot.
He walked into the kitchen
And tried to grab a knife.
He wasn't going to listen,
Just going to take their life.
They heard him open drawers
And panic filled the air.
They were caught red handed
But could only just stand there.
He screamed at them and threatened
And smashed everything in sight.
This was it for him.
He would deal with this tonight.
She tried to walk up and grab him,
But something held her in place.
She knew something was wrong
By the pain on his face.
He fell down on the floor
Overwhelmed with grief.
He knew it was too much;
He would find no relief.
The pain was too much for him
And he began to fade.
The anger in his blood
Spilling out along his blade.
All the screams became silent
And he felt no more fear.
This day would never shine on him,
For he would not be here.
He prayed the dark would come
And take him away.
He would not have to feel this
For even one lonely day.
His body shook and he knew
That his time was near
When she came to hold him
And whispered in his ear,
"I'm sorry love, you know I am.
Please don't leave me now.
I'm so sorry, please don't die.
I'll make it up somehow.
She told the man to call for help
And tried to save his life.
His last words to her were
I wanted you to be my wife.

The darkness in that night, a shroud so deep,
Where secrets and dreams in silence keep.
The moon, a pale specter, casts its glow,
Revealing tales of the world below.
In shadows, whispered secrets softly breathe,
As stars above in the heavens seethe.
The darkness in that night, a canvas vast,
Where memories and hopes are held steadfast.
Amidst the stillness, a quiet sigh,
Invisible tears, the reason why.
The darkness in that night, a sacred space,
Where hearts and souls find their resting place.
In the embrace of night, we find release,
The turmoil of the day, a moment's peace.
The darkness in that night, a quiet song,
Where we find solace, where we all belong.

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  • Tiffany_Arnold

    Oh my goodness this is so sad but so beautiful 💕💕

    • Lil


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