Why did you?


Notice of absence from Lil
If I don't respond in a few minutes I am probably at School, sleeping, with family/ friends, or forgot to bring my device.

Why can't you love me the way you should?
I know you could
Instead, my heartache is what you're choosing.
It's me that you are losing.
I hate what you've done to me.
I was all that you ever wanted me to be.
I'm not blind, I can see.
I see your game.
I'm not insane; you are hurting me.
After everything I have done for you,
Everything I gave you, you turn around and cheat?
All the times and memories we have spent together,
You even said we'd be forever.
The bond we share
I never thought you would dare,
Dare to hurt me this way.
All the lies you say,
You made me sick.
She is who you want to pick.
You made me cry while you told a lie,
You made me want to die.
How could this be, you're not here with me?
You are not that man I thought you were.
Now I know, now I'm sure..."Never hurt you,"
Is what you said.
Now I know you're not a man of your word.
Made me feel crazy when I asked, "Why was your phone off?"
Yet I knew you were hurting me.
I knew I was right; you were out of my sight.
You really ruined my life.
How could you ask me to forgive you?
How many times can I?
You have lost my trust over what I call lust.
You chose to hurt me; it was a must.
I am beautiful, so I have to be brave,
Brave enough to move on.
I will be strong without you.
My life won't be wrong.
I will forget you in time,
And no, no it's not fine.
I'm glad that you're not mine.
You used to be my greatest treasure, but now you're never.
I hope you're happy for what you did to me.
Right now you're blind, but soon you will see

Why did you make me feel like you did,
And when I asked u what was wrong you just turned over and hid,
Avoiding everything that I had ever said
If anything you said was ever true was we ever going to wed,
I would say probably not, there was so many red flags,
We spent some time together then u tossed me aside like dirty rags,
But it's OK, because I'm totally over you,

Now you ask for me back when you were a jerk,
And I know you'll never be sorry for the way I hurt.
Leave me alone I am warning you to leave me alone,
This is no longer your home.
Now you shall see,
The pain that you caused me.

  • Authors: Lily M (Pseudonym), BlessedbyGod
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: November 13th, 2023 15:16
  • Limit: 3 stanzas
  • Invited: Public (any user can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: It is sad love because I just figured out my BF was cheating on me this whole 2 years.
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 12
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