Daytime Angel; Nighttime Devil


frank like frankincense

born with manners

blessing me her presence

passing an angel


her demeanor makes me mean

her bows put me down

her smiles, pay off the many miles


at twilight, the curtains fall

ruler of the universe

she commands the stars to shine

and the sun to stand tall

this lady runs the throne

Nighttime devil


O unbelievable

transparent in the day, nighttime opaque

incident like the ray, midnight awake


at night she rocks and I roll

she touches my brain to reach my soul

hey! you devil, leave me alone


this devil has the checks

I do the balances


this lady is a living mystery

and I, a living history


she turns the employer

guess what? am the employee

sometimes she wants me to be the payer

but I remain, the payee

nighttime devil, daytime angel


but I love her still

cos she treats me well at day

and makes me go wild at night


so am a daytime victor

but a nighttime victim

O nighttime devil


prime rose of the prime time

pretty garment


at late hour she is wild rose

soft and tender, love maker

can I confess?


at day, she is the gentlewoman, fine fellow; my angel

but at night, I dare not

she is the devils woman, love fellow; bedeviled


like the devil, she hates lantern

she hates light

orthodox of the ortho-dox


she want me to decipher

and gives me nighttime chores

crucial roles and ado

she gives me daylight calls

nevertheless am cool


O nighttime devil, daytime angel


devils have concave bodies

hers is convex

nighttime devils ride their ponies

she gives me phoenix

and bids me farewell

and I follow


I know, I know what you 're thinking about, my freedom

yeah!, my freedom is under threat

cos she is angel by fact and a devil by fiction

and they fuse together so well


she drags me by sight

angel in nightie

is a devil at last

counting thirteen

there you come right fast


she makes me sing in verses

O nighttime devil, daytime angel


  • Author: cofhypieces (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 12th, 2023 17:08
  • Comment from author about the poem: an epic of love, passion and romance in and out!!!
  • Category: Love
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