I remember


I remember when we used to climb on the hay and you would yell at us afraid we would get hurt. “Which we did a few times”.

I remember the  for-wheeler rides, the laughs, I remember The barn parties at your place. 
The home you built from the bottom up, remember?

I remember when me and Amber used to have our own camp site on the farm and you would make the fire for us, I remember watching westerns with my sisters. 

I remember you teaching us how to bail hay with Cindy. 
I remember feeding the horses, I remember watering them, I remember you. And that means a lot because I don’t remember much about my life.

As I got older I realized I gained a lot of your qualities. Funny, hardworking, a hands on kinda girl. I remember. 

I remember how you used to tell Amber and I how much you loved us, and when we gave you kisses you use so laugh and say eewwweew. 

I remember 

I remember ThanksGiving, I remember Christmas I remember you hiding eggs on Easter. I remember how much you made me happy like a father figure to me to be honest. 

I regret losing myself and losing contact, I wish I would of gotten better sooner because now I feel like I could of done better. I remember 

Fay I love you, we all do your the kind of man who would drop the world for someone you love, you are so sweet, so special and I’m glad you are not hurting anymore. 

Please tell my grandma I say hello

I remember

  • Author: Tiffany.A (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 13th, 2023 07:40
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