Speak Up for You (not personal)



Sitting in the corner I have so many ideas, so many plans I just honestly don’t when or where to start. 
I’m still a kid and everyone is giving me directions, I appreciate it but I want to do this on my own. 

You see I’ve been through a lot, I’m not going to say what  in general but I’ve been through enough to know what bad decisions look like, Ive also learned what good decisions feel like. 

I want everyone to understand I now want to do this alone, this is me speaking up. I want people to understand I will always call if I need the help, mostly because the ones that were supposed to be here  never came to me at my weakest point so just let it be. 

Every time I try to talk about how I feel no one listens, no one wants to sit here and just HEAR ME. 

Their all way to concerned about money and what’s going on with them, their time. 

Blood doesn’t  mean we are close it doesn’t mean we are A1’s, man I’m speaking up I’m sick of everyone acting like nothing happened, like I’m dumb. 

Just leave me alone, Im going to take my time with my life. I’m going to take time forgiving, I’m going to take time grieving. Im taking my life back and I’m going full throttle. 

I’m speaking up in the most respectful way. 

I’m speaking up.

  • Author: Tiffany.A (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 15th, 2023 08:27
  • Category: Unclassified
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