I thanked him

Joseph M Marion

I thanked him 

As the Lord stood before me I fell to the groud on my hands and knees and cried before the Lord,
I thank him for forgiving me, for all the things that I had done wrong and he graciously made right,
I thanked him, teaching all the lessons of life and taught me to be strong wiser, more loving,
I thanked  him, for the lessons when I was mad at him and cursed him for taking things away because of my misunderstanding and ignorance, wondering why he needed them more,
I thanked him, for showing me the way and the reasons why what we do matters in life,
I think them for bringing the right people in my life that would stand by my side to be each other's guides
I thank them for this beautiful world in which we all live,I asked him for peace understanding and love throughout this world,

And as I kneel before him because my face buried to the ground I cried, I think him for bringing a woman into my life that would be my wife, I know he heard me scream, shot and yell asking him to bring me one I could call my own, I know he saw me suffer alone many years without anyone in my life, but he saw me hold true to him, and I believe because my heart I've been so faithful he has shown me one woman that would stand by my side as my bride.
I was raised to always follow lord , I will always give thanks and praise to the Lord for waking me up everyday in his presence and showing me the light and the way, I am truly lucky in my life to be alive even if having nothing in my life, I have friends an the love we have like I we and forever more I will pray to him for us all including Beautiful You.

  • Author: Joseph M Marion (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 19th, 2023 17:59
  • Category: Spiritual
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