O western nationalist

Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla

O western nationalist
Rise, rise against the 200 million Islamists in our lands.
They are parasites and chameleons.
We lost our freedom of speech.
freedom of movement, and freedom of life.
We lost long lives, truth, morality, and scientific temper.
Our land and women are occupied.
Our streets and homes are under attack.
Our resources and buildings are occupied.
They are slighting our throats for our critical thinking.
They are bracing our bodies for our scientific temper.
They are raping our girls and women.
They are killing our just-born babies and schoolchildren.
They are killing our bodies and souls.
They are killing our gays, lesbians, transgender people, and bisexuals.
They are killing our diversity.
They are not integrating into our way of life.
but forcing us to integrate into their Islamic lives.
Islam is ruling our Christian society.
Muslims are ruling our Christiandom.
Sharia is ruling us.
The Quran is ruling us.
Fight back to deport every Muslim and black person to their civilized lands.
Our lives are at high risk in the shadow of this beheading community.
O western nationalist,
You can't even hold the Holy Bible and pray in any Islamic society.
Can you become a ruler in an Islamic country?
Can you just go and say you are gay, lesbian, trans, or bisexual in any Islamic country?
Can you just go and eat pork in any Islamic society?
Can you criticize Mohammed or the Quran?
Can you exercise your freedom of speech and human rights in Islamic society?
They don't believe in human rights or freedom of life, but in Islam.
Islam is killing our Westerners in our lands.
Fight the Islamists and deport them back to their Islamic societies.
Go vegan! Pundit Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla, poet/vegan

  • Authors: Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla
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  • Finished: January 23rd, 2024 09:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Islam and its practitioners are dangerous to our lives.
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