Happiness Comes Quietly

Thomas W Case

It doesn't come with
pageantry and pomp.
Happiness comes with the
soft whirl of the
ceiling fan, while I
sit and watch the
snow fall through
the venetian blinds.

It's the end of
momentary celebrations of
scoring enough
change to get a pint of
vodka, to avoid withdrawals.
Dead friends on a
street to nowhere.

Happiness comes softly in
the jingle, jangle bells on
the cat toy, as the
kittens play.
All around me, living things.
African violets and aloe vera plants.

I live for the Zen on
the banks of the pond
amidst the cattails and willows.
Bluegill and small bass
swim the shallows.

It's the end of chasing
the chaos of attaining
things that
rot and rust.
Happiness comes
quietly with a clear
conscience and some
good coffee, as I sit
on furniture that I own
and pray for my
fellow man.

It comes in the
bliss of a hot bath.
The spirit is cleansed in
love and gratitude.

  • Author: Thomas W Case (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 18th, 2024 01:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: Check out my book, Seedy Town Blues Collected Poems, on Amazon.com and if you get time swing by my you tube channel.
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  • Lorenz

    An inspirational message of zenitud !

  • jarcher54

    Yes stuff rots and rusts... very obvious and beautiful observations. You described your simple bliss, but you simultaneously gave us all a piece of the same. Thanks for the piece of peace.

  • orchidee

    You caught any fish there?! lol.

  • Tom Dylan

    Another great poem, Thomas. You had me at the first line. Well done.

  • Teddy.15

    I absolutely love this your imagery is gorgeous and I can feel the happiness seeping into the lines, the world is full of materialistic happiness when actually sitting watching the clouds glide by listening to the ducks is quite possibly the best happiness on earth. I'll shut up now lol Thomas you are a true gem on this site 💜

    • Thomas W Case

      You are the gem, thank so much for the kind review.

    • sorenbarrett

      happiness comes from within and with appreciation, as such little things can make it so much more. A poem to me is how it affects the reader and this one did. Thanks

    • Introverted Sage

      Beautiful write!

    • Neville

      you just nailed the elusive bugga .. magic ink indeed Tom ..

    • John

      Great poem, love the whole poem...but verse two is a cracker....so good...
      Hopefully you caught a trout...I love a fish too here in NZ

      • Thomas W Case

        Thanks, John. Much appreciated. I've been catching walleye and channel cat.

        • John

          What are they? American fish?... Cool . I'll have to look them up...I get brown and rainbow trout here....I'm gonna look at more of your poems..... loved the first one so obviously will like more....as for mine....I get a bit controversial so limit what I want to post.... your great

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        • Reynaldo Casison

          Wonderful zen

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