Jupiter They Call Him

Destined Perspectives

Gold crafted fingers.
Each one strums a song.
Jupiter they call him.
He's one lucky son of a gun.
A face of dark circles.
The manic cycles.
The places he's gone.
Jupiter they call him
but he's Saturn's son.
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  • Lorenz

    My Jupiter exiled in Gemini will never make me a good family father !

    • Destined Perspectives

      Thank you Lorenz for commenting and reading! I doubt it will prevent you from being a good family father if you desire to be. The good placements show your potential you may be unaware of and the bad placements show you what you need to heal in this life. It should never control your life but only guide you moving forward with your weaknesses and strengths. So if you do want to be a good family man/ father then there is no reason you can't be. If not then that is okay too. Some people just weren't born for the traditional life and there is nothing wrong with it. Be your own kind of father. 😊

      • Lorenz

        I was gently joking about my mercurial condition !

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      • Cassie58

        Beautifully poetic lines to reflect upon, in praise of Jupiter. I enjoyed your poem. Thank you.

        • Destined Perspectives

          Thank you Cassie58 for your lovely comment! I am glad you enjoyed it! ❤️

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