Parenting(what parents don't understand


It is a focus that cause an imaging trauma.
The position of love and understanding miss their way.
An outraging force can't keep it say in the process.
It creates a gift that fall on the heart of its honour,
The sacred of understanding loses it focus
Love is still in the process as it demonstrate the process
But understanding doesn't create a perfect vision to the public
A hole is created in a sinking boat and it drowned.
Making all its explanations disappear.
The victims are blooded in their hearts,
Making it hard for them to reach out.
Their morale activator doesn't understand their ways.
They get scolded for comparison and beaten for their harsh words.
This causes lack of braveness and reluctance in their speech.
When the truth is revealed they move from frying pan to fire 🔥
By the affliction given to the victim.
They give empty promises with harsh words expecting to see the light
After the light is revealed,they become angry
They forget their promises and they go with response to their emotions.
Creating all sorts of restlessness and you win the prediction.
With their hearts at ease, their return is a remorseful and appeal
They are your fortunes so you can't have a heart of rebellion
They get things beating around the bush
Making you feel anxious
Backed with actions you can't give a negative reaction.
But because of love you will put a forgiving heart.
What you call love, they call addiction
What you call hatred, they call addition
What you call understanding, they call mischief.
They don't understand why you are like this
They have tried to figure it out in their words without trying your actions
But they don't know what you, love and so they do not build on it.
They will make an investment that will only be needed in their time.
Because of their information and level
When you learn something new which doesn't align with their investment
They become furious.
But they still do not know you.
They trained you yet you are not stronger,
And they expect your strength.
They want your best yet they do not know who you are.
Parents need to know the way to operate with their children because time hears no word
Only changes with action
Which is understanding

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  • Finished: February 2nd, 2024 14:30
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  • Comment from author about the poem: For the first stanza it-public For the second stanza it-victim ........3rd stanza they- heart ........4th stanza what - level ........ 5th stanza when to understand
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