Chain Breaker

Destined Perspectives

Play a role and learn your lines.
Know your place, it’s how you'll survive.
My father’s words, the year I turned five.
My instinct was to rebel, his proclamations. 
I created my very own Inner realm.
No foreign words that made me ill.
Only my own language I knew very well.
No tight mask unable to hide my layers.
No facial pain from forcing smiles.
No audience to see if I slipped. 
Alone I smiled with a sigh of  relief.
The feeling of peeling off tight clothes.
I spent more time exploring my depths.
Colorful shades that lived inside.
Wisdom that flowed like water.
The flames reignited inside
when I chose to live inside out.
It led to many revelations.
I was his blank canvas he
wanted to mold into himself.
Just like generations before him.
He chose the beliefs over freedom. 
Now I am choosing to break them.  .
A role I choose for myself.
Not one chosen for me. 
“Chain breaker”!
The authentic role
I was born to be!

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