My complaint letter to the UNO Police

Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla

My complaint letter to the UNO Police to arrest the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres and Commissioner General of UNRWA, Philippe Lazzarini
The United Nations Police
Subject: Complaint against United Nations Secretary-General Mr. António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres and Commissioner General of UNRWA, Philippe Lazzarini, for their complicity in the October 7 modern holocaust slaughter against the State of Israel and the Jewish and non-Muslim communities across the world.
Dear United Nations Police
My name is Dr. Suryaraju Mattimalla, an Indian from Germany. I have been watching the statements of the UNO chief and UNRWA chief, and the statements of Hamas and other Islamic terrorist organizations are the same. Mr. Guterres openly and publicly supported Hamas, the terrorist organization, in its genocidal attack against the Jewish community, in which 1200 Jewish people lost their lives and hundreds of members of the Jewish community were wounded on that fateful day. It is deep-rooted antisemitism. 0.2% of the Jewish community in the world is living with fear of life and death from Muslims in the world. You can see a Muslim professor killing an elderly Jewish man in the USA. I suspect even UNO-based Muslims may attack any Jewish member of UNO. UNO Chief and UNRWA Commissioner General of UNRWA were the reason behind attacks on the Jewish community across Western spaces. UNO and UNRWA strongly supported killings and rapings of the Jewish community across the globe. The UNO and UNRWA are agents of antisemitism in our time. The Palestine Red Crescent Society and other foreign funding organizations became Hamas agents.
I am not a Jew but an untouchable by caste from India. My first baby from my first Hindu wife was killed by her Hindu grandparents and aunty for being a child of untouchables, and I lost my second baby from my present African wife at the hands of racism in Germany. I have seen deep-rooted antisemitism in the German asylum camps and society. On October 7, millions of Muslims and antisemites in German asylum camps and society celebrated the modern Holocaust of the Jewish community inside and outside the German asylum camps. The Jewish community could not even come out of their homes since the UNO chief and UNRWA members were supporting the persecution of the Jewish community inside and outside Israel. They also sent a strong message that the Jewish and other non-Muslim communities do not have the right to defend their lives from Muslims.
At least 10 Muslim asylum seekers—6 Muslim women, 2 Muslim children, and 2 Muslim men—have physically abused me, humiliated me, and dehumanized me in front of asylum camp managers for asking them not to smoke cigarettes in the prohibited area of the asylum camp. Muslims in Ethiopia have physically abused me, resulting in the loss of my upper teeth and severe damage to my left shoulder for teaching LGBTQ rights in my classroom. Muslism is a notorious community across time and space. Indian Muslims shunned me for keeping a rainbow flag in my personal hostel room. Half of the English girls and women in the UK were drugged, beaten, and gang-raped. I saw many Muslims sexually molesting non-Muslim underage girls in European asylum camps. I saw Muslims openly sexually molesting German girls and women on public transport. What Muslims are doing is committing heinous crimes against non-Muslims. They are intentionally killing, raping, and persecuting non-Muslims to establish a global Islamic state in the West and in other non-Muslim countries. The State of Israel, the only democratic country in the MENA region, has been a victim. When the police came to arrest at least 8 to 10 Muslims, they all united and made a false rape complaint against me that I tried to rape Muslim women. These 10 Muslims brought their underage children to give evidence that I tried to rape their mothers. Muslims are a dangerous community across the globe. Germany has fallen for violent Muslims like France, the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UNO, BBC, CNN, Channel 4, and UNRWA. I am experiencing and evidencing Muslim terrorism in German asylum camps. In this kind of Islamic terrorism against non-Muslims, the UNO Chief and UNRWA Chief openly support the killings of Jews and non-Muslims at the hands of Muslims.
I strongly suspect corruption in selecting the second term of the current UNO chief, for which the UNO chief is openly supporting Muslim terrorism against non-Muslims across the globe. Nowadays, UNO, Hamas, and UNRWA are the same. Hamas is a terrorist organization that is recognized by many Western countries. Supporting Hamas or any terrorist organization is a crime legally. Mr. António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres openly said, “October 7 did not happen in a vacuum." Hence, kindly register a case against him and the UNRWA chief for his complicity in hiding and helping UNRWA terrorists who took part in the October 7 massacre against the Jewish community.
Let me reiterate that 60% of Nobel laureates, 80+ of theorists, intellectuals, scholars, creative thinkers, and ideologues are from the Jewish community, whereas 100% of terrorism is involved by Muslims across the globe, in which tens of millions of non-Muslims lost their lives, were beheaded, gang, raped, and were lynched. No Islamic law is civilized, so none of the Muslims are civilized. In this kind of religious war against non-Muslims, the UNO chief and UNRWA chief are standing in favor of Islamic terrorism against non-Muslims and trying to establish a global Islamic state in non-Muslim regions.
Hence, I would like to request that you arrest the current UNO Chief and UNRWA Chief for their direct support of eliminating Jews and non-Muslims across the globe. Muslim terrorism has doubled after UNO chief and UNRWA support for Muslim terrorism across the globe. I am scared of my life in German asylum camps since camps are places of Islamic terrorism. No Palestine of Muslim is civilian or innocent. They are born Sharia followers. They are born and die with the ideology and practices of Sharia for non-Muslims. Hence, the UNO chief and UNRWA chief's open support for eliminating the state of Israel is a crime against humanity, so kindly register my complaint and take the necessary steps to arrest Mr. António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres and Philippe Lazzarini for supporting Islamic terrorism against Jews and non-Muslims.
Thank you
Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla,
LGBTQ Campaigner

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