For the Love Of Pie


Once there was a man
Slim, tall and a grin
Bald, average and thin 
One day he saw a woman
Red hair, lovely eyes
She's a perfect ten
He walked towards her
ask for a date
She said I don't know
Won't it be late.
Not a problem at
Not a problem in the least
It's a night for us to feast
The Woman was still concern 
She was still unsure
But the slim man won't give up
He won't lose this girl
With a simple question
he politely ask..
Do you like pie!
Pie, she said
with a twinkle in her eye 
Yes my dear, pie
From pies as big as the sky
I would die to have some pie
She said, with a small tear in her eye
So the two went to a restaurant
They had Chicken pot pie
They, talked, laugh and cry
They're loving each other
 becoming a pair of sweet hearts
The End 

  • Author: DLewis88 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 3rd, 2024 23:06
  • Category: Love
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