ABC's of You


A is for amazing, kind, beautiful, lovely you.
B is for being there for me through the calm and the storm
C is for caring about me even when I don't understand why
D is for daring to do what nobody else wanted to do
E is for every little thing you ever told me to make me feel whole
F is for friendship, which is the greatest gift you gave to me
G is for greatness, which you made me see in myself.
H is for happiness, which you made me feel for the first time in years when I met you
I is for incredibly unique, which is what you are
J is for just simply being enough
K is for keeping me around
L is for loving me no matter what happens
M is for my best friend in the entire world
N is for never letting me go when I was at my lowest
O is for overwhelming gratitude which fills my heart every time I see you
P is for perfect, which is what you are.
Q is for quality, which is something of yours that I would never doubt.
R is for royalty, which you deserve to be treated as for the rest of eternity

S is for the silence you brought me out of
T is for the trust I gave you

U is for you understanding how or why I hurt
V is for a very respectful person
W is for the times WE talked

x is for (e)xpecting just enough of me to keep me going, but not too much or I'd have given up
Y is for every Yes that we shared when one of us met with success
z is for zesty, funny comments that made me laugh no matter what
So today I say
ABC, ABC, ABC's of you

  • Authors: Lillian, Karley, Lil-M-M
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  • Finished: February 23rd, 2024 11:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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