The Raging Bully


How can you say you love people,

When you are the mass shooter?

How can you say you have a heart,

When you don't even have a soul?

For you are the reason

Why people take their lives,

And you are the reason

Why people give up;

So why do you exist on this earth,

When you aren't even king of the hill?

There are so many people dead

Because of you,

And there are so many people

Who are scared of you;

Please listen to me, please

Please surrender to the heavens

And give your life to God,

Because God can help you make a way.

Roses bow down to you

In your death,

Because your death is sacred underground

Your mother and your father are crying

For their cries are sacred,

And now look what you've done

For your politics are always guilty

Behold all the dead faces you have destroyed

And the light continues to shine

Upon them;


How dare you criminalize me,

When I am the victim?

How dare you hold the human race

In low regard?

For you are the mass shooter in people's heads

My heart is cold because of you...

And nobody cares about the empath

Who is screaming on the inside,

You have no mercy upon your own

Because your parents don't care about you

Not even now,

They are crying because they are ashamed;

How can you see the world

From the devil's point of view?

How can people love you

When you don't even love yourself?

Spoken like a mad man you are...

For you speak life into existence,

Yet what about our lives

That are at stake?

Do you care about my art at all?

For I am a visionary who sees all...

And I see you in an early grave.

Dead cats, dead dummies, dead lives

They all smell of innocence

That is now taken,

Do you have a heart or a soul?


For life is not pretty against the bully

Raging out your voice to the world;

Well newsflash,

The world doesn't want to hear you

Because you speak death upon yourself

For life is a masterpiece overdriven

There is no soul to match your soul

For you are the living dead...

Well rage on, bully

Rage on the crimson lights

For there is not enough speed

To save your life--

Emotions are awakened

And people see you

For the raging monster you really are,

Who are you going to shoot next

In this wild world?

Hopefully your lights will be off by then;

Goodnight, goodnight bully

For your heart shall stop beating


  • Author: Soul Baby (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 11th, 2024 00:31
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 1
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