It was the Berlin of pink and blue nights

that danced in brown and iron's  days ,

Berlin ,cabaret smoke and  street fights 

whirling theater  of wild  grass ,

Alexanderplatz dancing the charleston ...

Berlin vintage ,good old age ,makes me dream

of better times, champagne for everyone  ! 

four souls of jazz under a stormy sky ...

Berlin on stage makes its cinema !

''Les beaux esprits '' Taking a drink at the Roman café 

while the tiger invites itself  to the pink rabbit tea party...

At the entrance of his bookshop ,the little jew  has fun...

 Berlin ,Prussian  house of cards and liying polka face,

 humiliation,  cynicism and  desillusions ...

Have you taken your membership cross  ?

   Berlin ,green and  fire masks ,

where dogs rummage through memory garbage cans,

cabarets are closed  until the next milenium !

In the little jew bookshop the cossacks warm themselves

in a flamenco talmudic erased melody ...

Berlin shivers ,dreaming of a mantle of walls 

to give expression to its coldness ...

The imperial eagle to long caged 

makes its hard complaint  heard ,

while in Charlottenburg a genderless clown

calls the devotees  to the  prayer...

    Welcome to the cabaret  ! 





  • Author: lorenz (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 11th, 2024 06:51
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 10
  • User favorite of this poem: Alan R.
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  • Ellen Marsell

    The atmosphere of the city with its cultural contradictions and historical legacy. The multifaceted nature of the past and present, eloquently and profoundly reflecting both glitter and shadows.

    • Lorenz

      Inspired by the film 'Cabaret' with Lizza Minnelli .

    • Bella Shepard

      You've done a remarkable job of contrasting life in Berlin, before and after the Nazi's gained power. I would say a difficult task, and one you've done it admirably!

      • Lorenz

        Thanks dear Bella ! To my acute sens of the history I add a musical perception of the places where this history was made !

      • hotidris

        Nice poem about a cabaret.

        • Lorenz

          Thank you my friend you're welcome !

          • hotidris

            No you're welcome, Lorenz.

          • Alan R

            Berlin 🙂

            • Lorenz

              Capital of nights and a day ...

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