Through the Mist of Time: A Journey Home


Beyond the grasp of earthly bounds,

Amongst the silent cosmic rounds,

Lies a sphere in the vast unknown,

A place we tenderly call home.


Within its orbit, time unfurls,

A tapestry of boys and girls,

Each moment crafted, bright or dim,

Is etched within the heart's own hymn.


The passage of the sun and moon,

Marks the dance to an ancient tune.

Life's fleeting scenes, both sharp and hazy,

In memory's embrace, never lazy.


As seasons change, so do we,

Climbing hills of destiny.

Through the fog of years gone by,

Our shared journey, you and I.


The essence of our days, distilled,

In the vault of heart, securely filled.

With love and laughter, joy and tear,

The echoes of those held dear.


The cycle spins, the young take flight,

In the center stage, under the spotlight.

Parents watch with pride and sigh,

The frame of life, ever nigh.


Spaces vast, or moments small,

Every breath, a curtain call.

Ridiculous or sublime,

Life's a play, beyond time.


Yet, as the clock continues to tick,

Our paths through time, ever so quick.

Memories, like treasures, packed away,

For a sunlit, yet unseen day.


Voices fade, one by one,

Under the relentless march of the sun.

Time, the sovereign, wears the crown,

In its wake, all hands are down.


Still, we search for meaning, keen,

In the clock's face, a flicker seen.

Buried deep in earth and rock,

Unmoved by time's relentless clock.


Unnoticed, the world's aftershock,

For busy hearts, the time to stock.

Playing for time, in endless rhyme,

You and I, through the sublime.


For in this cosmic dance we find,

The essence of the human mind.

To play for time, in love and lore,

Until the stars shine no more.


© Susie Stiles-Wolf

  • Author: GeekSusie (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 11th, 2024 08:28
  • Category: Reflection
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