Stolen Essence


In the midst of chaos and noise,

You tend to your garden, unmoved by the strife,

Your flowers bloom, a symbol of poise

And wisdom that transcends the turbulence of life.


For you and your garden are one,

A source of fleeting yet profound delight,

With beauty snatched, a feeling of being undone,

But who can claim a more fleeting and wondrous sight?


You have somehow stolen the essence

Of the loveliness that surrounds you,

Flaunting your gains with no pretense,

A profiteer of nature’s bountiful view.


I exclaim against your shameless ways,

For the joy you find in your toil,

Should not come so easily, I say,

In a world tarnished by turmoil.


But you, in your old, rough dress,

Bedaubed with clay and endless grime,

Find colorful living in a world grown dull, no less,

Bringing quiet sufficiency in weakling times.


Your delicate happiness, so beautiful,

Lights up the belittered, grimy ways,

And surely, I will forever recall

Your smudgy face parading such joyous displays.


As you tend to your garden with care,

Laughing gently at life’s dastardly days,

Know that your presence is a rare

And meaningful praise.


For in the act of tending to your vines and bushes,

You make a brave, sly mock at the darkness around,

And in that, find the beauty that rushes

Out amidst the chaos, making life profound. ("Stolen Essence") by Courtney Weaver Jr.

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  • Published: February 11th, 2024 14:53
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