Empathy ,Sympathy and Compassion,

David Wakeling

Empathy ,Sympathy and Compassion,
Three Angels washed up on a deserted island,
Abandoned by the World.
“This is a lovely Island. Far away from human kind.
Let’s solve all the world’s philosophical problems.
Problems that have gone unsolved for centuries.”
The three found a coconut tree to sit under and
began their quest to solve every problem one by one.
The firs t problem is does God exist.
As they were talking a little girl in a pink dress walked up
the beach and spoke to the angels.
She had a stick in her hand and was a little frightened.
Compassion asked the little girl did she believe in God.
Hello my name is Amadea. It means loved by God.
The little girl said:
“I think God lives a long way away and he is waiting for us to
find him. He is building a nice home for us.”
Empathy stood up quickly and said:
“God exists in the mind of Man a noble place to dwell,
Take care for you are the dwelling place of God.”
The waves were crashing loudly on the shore.
Sympathy proposed the next problem.
Does a man have a free will?
Sympathy said lets go for a walk and discuss it.
The three angels and the little girl in the pink dress
walked along the beach.
They came across a black man barely alive.
He had just been washed up by the waves. His boat was destroyed.
Compassion asked him to tell his story:
“I am Amari.I am a slave.I was taken from my home in Zanzibar.
I was taken on a boat against my will. My wife and children were
murdered.I am sorry I am very tired.I need food and water.”
Empathy gave him fruit and pointed to a fresh water spring.
Compassion said.”Free will exists.Sadly a man is free until
he discovers he is in chains.”The three angels continued on their journey.
Sympathy asked the next question:
Does a man have a Soul?
Along the beach they noticed a man standing on the cliff.
He was dangerously close to the edge.
The three angels surrounded him and sang a wonderful song to him.
“Some see life as a gift some see life as a chore,
Wait is clear is that you are chosen for a purpose.”
My name is Jacob.I have nothing left.
I lost my money gambling and my wife left me.
I have nothing to live for.
Sympathy slapped him in the face and said:
“Listen to me.You are a coward but there is hope for you.
Although this world will give you heart ache at times.
Life is a miracle. Never forget that.

The three angels disappeared leaving Amadea, Amari
and Jacob chatting and laughing on the beach.

  • Author: David Wakeling (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 12th, 2024 00:33
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Goldfinch60

    Such a meaningful write DAvid.


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