beauty is an ability to see beauty.


it lies underneath the skin,

it warms its way to your arteries.

beyond comprehension, it sparkles the insides,

turns on the tiny lamp right in your chest


beauty is what you create, and what creates you back

it’s not something you drink in one gulp, not a lively mirage

created by a worn-out mind


in this room with no doors and no walls

you’re the only captive

holding a key in the hand

and there’s nothing but a mirror


when i look you in the eyes

i see a movie tape we binge-watched when we were kids —

a dusty childhood in a dusty attic


i look you in the eyes

and i see bright mornings, sprawled out for centuries ahead,

miraculous days and magical nights

so many dreams, ambitions flowing in the air,

i see fireflies showing you the way

and the tiny lamp right in your chest

softly humming some tunes


so why do you want to change?

why do you want to change?

  • Author: 17 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 14th, 2024 14:48
  • Category: Love
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  • David Wakeling

    I liked this as an essay on beauty up until it goes on about a failed relationship. But hey that's just me.

    • seventeen

      thanks for reading anyway!

    • Lorenz

      ' holding a key in the hand and there's nothing but a mirror '' Are we synchronized ?

      • seventeen

        ohhh, we must be! very symbolic

      • Thomas W Case

        Tremendous work.

        • seventeen

          always appreciate your feedback!!

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