Seek Imperfection


Bewitched by the thought that imperfection is what makes someone lovable,

when I am after being heavenly and flawless.

Even when I write, I can't help but to look after perfection,

I want every word to fit and rhyme.


Until I realized that my ideology was shaped from being a people pleaser,

an unoriginal, insecure, and dull non-believer.

I hate how people find me plain and simple,

and so, I go after being extra and sensational.


And now, even with my body I feel unconfident,

Sometimes it's hard being comfortable with my own skin.

Until you noticed the shy but astounding beauty hidden,

underneath all the layer of timidity that's tough to break even.


You told me, "Imperfection is what makes you beautiful, even more lovable."

and so, I lay bare my scars so you could see the constellations.

You touched every damage, wounds, and mark of my existence,

With all our might, we both seek imperfection. 

  • Author: smitten (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 15th, 2024 07:38
  • Comment from author about the poem: After reading Joseph Campbells "The Power of Myth" I made a poem out of one chapter I love the most. This reminds me of how love can simply brush of someone's imperfection and accept them truly without hesitation or fear of what other people might say. In a relationship, there really is no perfect person in this world, everyone has their own flaws, what you see in other is not perfection at all, it is just that "something" that your partner lacks and you are astounded by seeing it to someone you wish you can see to your significant other as well. And that for me is not love at all. With this, I was reminded of a line from a movie that goes like this "If you're committed to someone, you don't allow yourself to see perfection is someone else", I can't remember the title, but this line hit me hard.
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