Introverted Sage

Nothing seems to scratch this itch.
Nothing seems to patch this bridge.

Nothing seems to fill this ditch.
As I teeter on the edge of the cliff. 

Like a mosh pit
Jump in, fall flat on your face.
Turning to look back
Lay there and take it, you're what they say, a disgrace. 
Onlookers snarl and move in to attack.

Life not really what or how I planned. 
Growing up, always told, get you a man.
Not many had one, so it was hard to understand.
Praise someone else, when the heavy lifting was done by their hands. 

But it's been me.
Moving through this life on my own.
No love or outside comforts
That really felt like home.
The weight on my back pushed my face in the dirt.
Reminders I'm better off alone. 

~Ruby L.S.~


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  • Thomas W Case

    Tremendous work.

  • Alan R

    Very nice read.

  • 2781

    It's not good for man to be alone, although I do prefer it myself!

    • Introverted Sage

      There's a deep unspoken peace that comes with solitude.

    • GenXer Shamrocker ☘️

      Women nor Men are meant to do this life alone; His word tells us so; although there have been plenty who have and do; I hope you find a love that’s all yours!

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