Farewell O' Maiden

Gaurav Gurung

I sailed along the sea, hopped from ports to lands,

Terrains of beautification, world and wonderlands,

Hey Traveller : Care for some fish?

Mystic Sages chanting : Traveller, come here I shall fulfill your wish!


My wish? I wander into my psyche,

Love ! Alas, something I might like

All my life, I’ve had this desire- A Longing,

Just the feeling of love, my heart, I feel it pumping!


On the back of my mule, I sat and thought,

Is love an accessory? No, No, No- It can’t be bought,

On my journal, I wrote, the kind of maiden I’ve desired,

And on my notes,  the traits I’ve aspired!


Days to weeks, Weeks to months- The feeling wouldn’t leave me,

The feeling of love was gut wrenching, but something that could complete me,

I smirked! My companion- Oye, what’s the problem?

If love’s a problem, then I’d gladly want no solution!


And one day, On the outskirts of Sindh, I saw an Angel!

She had no wings nor a crown, but- God had sent her,

I couldn’t look away, No No,  A Glimpse Of A Lifetime,

I wanted to woo her, make her all mine!


Quickly, I leaped off my mule,

My companions, all stood confused,

Madam’ , I reached out to call her,

She sprang away, her face filled with horror.


Oh! How was the misery? Shattering was it’s state,

I stood there, froze- Of confusion, It’s okay I’ll wait

Said one of my companion, giving a sarcastic laugh,

Could I have done anything? Other than to join in and laugh.


Days went by, I could not get her off my mind,

Yes, it is true! When they say, Love “DOES” make you blind,

I rolled left, I rolled right, I couldn’t sleep!

My friends were in disbelief- It can’t be that deep?


I still can describe her- Fiery hair, Godly Complexion,

Eyes as deep as ocean, Her hand- Smooth as Silk,

Perfect symmetrical nose, Her face- Pure as millk

Tall yet fragile, complex yet agile!


It’s better to let go, they say-

And soon enough, it was my last day,

On my mule again, dissatisfied with my visit,

Unbearable affection- Like of which I can’t resist,

Atleast my friends had fun- Flexing their cheap gems.



There she was, I wanted to try again.


She was with another man,

Hand in Hand, they kept walking,

Her husband he was, as I heard them talking.

I eased away, I melted.

All of my anxieties, In the pyre, it Smelted,

Well, not much can be done now!

I comfort myself with a Countdown.


If not this life, in next we shall meet,

In the next life, we shall establish a bond so sweet.

If not this life, in next I shall be your suitor,

In next life, we shall have lots of sons and daughters!


Farewell O’ Maiden, I will never forget you


     Farewell O’ Maiden



  • Author: GG (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 17th, 2024 03:08
  • Comment from author about the poem: Hey, how would it be if I blend history with poetry! Haha, I had a blast writing this... Hope you do too while reading it
  • Category: Love
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