Introverted Sage

When I tap in
My body feels fear.
Sensations like these
Must be some sort of sin
and I can't hide my grin.
Coming from way deep inside.
Making my head spin.
This - is how it begins. 

Temptation to scream so loud
The caves of Timbuktu feel me awaken. 
Notice I said feel, not hear.

Comatose love
Fits - just like a glove. 
What if I need to pull away.
But you refuse and demand my stay.
Once again, prey.
Nothing in me - will live that way. 

Frozen in time 
While parts fly free.
Birds of a feather - import
The deepest parts of me. 
Reminding my see. 

Intoxicating, dizzy up, a whirlwind.
But that's not True Love.
Coming in tornadic, crashing down
And corrupting all you'd dreamt of.
Torturous humor, the thumb strikes again.
In all the rage and furor
Be like the walls 
And just blend in.

It gets easier.
When all you see
Is your beauty.
Framed up and paired off.
They don't know what True beauty costs.

Artwork destined for big frames.
Birds ring out when angels sing.
Call out their names.
It was never about fame.
Their 'star-light'
Is truly a shame.
And it's a sad day - watching them
Bring more children into the game.

Be it numbered the days.
Seeing through
All their ways.
As the body dances with the devil
The soul digs the grave.
It's all on display.

Numbers and timing 
Planned down to the Planet.
And we were too rusty to grasp it.
Laughing stock and jokes on you.
If I'm being candid.
Had it well past up here
Can no longer stand it. 

Mark of the beast.
Can't be hidden in the least.
Glowing where you have been branded.
More permanant a scar
Free falling anchor doesn't seem so far
From where you are.
Another light dimmed,
On your once bright walking star.

But that's the big master plan.
Work real hard save up your nickels 
Kissing the feet of some man?
Dig too deep?
Mountain or hillside, still a bit too steep?
Secrets spilled - you wanted to keep.
So just be sheep?
Simple minds flip all the time.
Just look before you leap.

Move too fast
Can't make the feeling last 
So you siphon like a sow.
Looking down from your 
High brow.
Don't you know how?
Top of the hill, where you like to stand. 
But climbing it takes meat.
And if you are what you eat
Getting lost comes at a cost 
And you clearly met defeat.


  • Author: Introverted Sage (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 20th, 2024 02:15
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