i miss you my dear friend



Imma write down i miss you  mia every time i think about you

  • I miss you mia
  • I miss ya
  • Miss ya big sis
  • Wyd sleeping prob anyways i miss you
  • This is lame it's only been hours since you said we're not friends i miss you so much tho
  • Ugh its so annoying i wanna stop thinking about you but i cant i miss you
  • Hey remember that one poem i wrote half of i wonder if u finished it anyways miss ya
  • Mia i am only doing this because its smt corny you would have done i think its helping me tho, i wanted to cry so much but now i feel better i miss you
  • I keep bringing you up to cristal i think i'm making her feel bad she thinks this was her fault i try to tell her it was mine but she won't listen i miss you mia i really really do
  • I miss you
  • I kinda wanna cry, i dont wanna be this way anymore i'm sorry i pushed you away i miss ya
  • I'm still going to save a ton of reels on instagram for ya, miss you soo much im so sorry i really am
  • I would give anything for one of those random photos u use to send, miss ya
  • I really miss you
  • This is so useless i dont know why i keep doing it i miss you so much
  • Do you miss me as much as i miss you, i love you so much and i miss you so so so much
  • I keep looking up how to be happy after loss of a friendship i dont think its helping ill talk to my mom and ask her what she thinks miss u
  • Mia, i miss u. I wish i can hear your giggle or the way you would say “ ass” i just miss u 
  • Im soo sorry mia i am and i miss u
  • I love you mia, and i miss u and im sorry if love sounds weird but u mean alot to me
  • I had a dream last night, it was about you me and rocky hanging out i miss you i really really do miss you
  • I miss you so much, i keep sitting in the ato meet hoping you would join, thats dumb i guess im just not ready to accept your not my friend. 
  • This is so painful i have to wait till wednesday till i can talk to my therapist, but im in pain now, and i cant put on a fake smile till i get better, it hurts to much, i dont wanna go silent i miss you mia
  • I miss you mia, although im going to throw myself into the books and my therapy, so i can become better, i miss you 
  • I might stop sending you pointless emails about my day, its prob only upsetting you, i miss you 
  • I just seen you in the groupchat i kinda miss you, kinda is an understatement i really miss you, i gave ary advice, i was mostly sayin stuff you told me so thank you
  • Im in my health class and he keeps saying bestfriend, then you come to mind he said this “ your bestfriend does not want to talk to you, who cares maybe you need time for yourself”. I might need time for myself but i still want you as a friend.
  • I miss ya, but i wonder when your older will you forget me? And if so how long before you forget me, years months? 
  • Mia remember how high pitch your voice was when we frist met you sounded like you were a 13 year old with adhd lol, i miss you. And imma try to draw your cat, just cuzz
  • hi , mia… i miss you
  • This is so corny and its so lame, i keep doing this it wont bring you back
  • Author: nehemiah adams (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 20th, 2024 21:22
  • Comment from author about the poem: i recently lost some friends because of my mental health. so i wrote down each time i missed her its only been 16 hours
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  • Cassie58

    Your pain was truly felt by this reader. I hope you are able to salvage your friendship with mia and your other friends. Your detailed write was touching.

    • vividvoid14

      thank you so much

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