Worth More Than You Will Ever Know

Santajah Douglass

I wake up every morning

Feeling like I don't belong

In this world of chaos and confusion

Where I struggle to find my place

And make sense of it all


I look in the mirror

And see a reflection of who I am

A person with a story to tell

But one that goes unheard

In a world that values

Only what is on the surface


My skin, a shade darker than most

Holds a history and a richness

That you will never understand

It carries the weight of generations

Of struggles and triumphs

Of pain and resilience


My skin is worth more

Than you will ever know

It tells a story of survival

Of strength and resilience

Of a people who have overcome

Countless obstacles and hardships


But in a world that judges

Based on outward appearances

I am made to feel like an outsider

Like I don't belong

Like my skin is a mark

Of something less than


But I refuse to be defined

By the narrow-minded views

Of those who cannot see

The beauty and the worth

That lies beneath the surface

Of my skin


I am proud of who I am

Proud of where I come from

And the rich tapestry

Of cultures and traditions

That make up my identity


So I will stand tall

And embrace my uniqueness

I will not apologize

For the color of my skin

For it is a part of me

And worth so much more

Than you will ever know.

  • Author: Santajah Douglass (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 21st, 2024 02:20
  • Category: Unclassified
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