Paths Of Legacy


~From "Heart And Strings Collection"~



Shred your scales almighty one,

It is time for a change,

Open your mind to a transition that has already begun,

Open your heart to a wide awakening range.


Unhinge those clutched fists of iron,

Breathe in the essence of purity,

Heathe your spirit like a wild lion,

Ready to roar your ambitions in the vast variety?


Exhale your lungs of unspoken words,

Release all tensions in the body,

Feel the turbulence of gravity healing a once-was forsaken world,

Here marks the beginning of your very own prodigy.


Forget the old and welcome the new,

Mistakes made, lessons learned but they do not define you,

You are who you are from this point on,

Fear not, the worst is long gone.


Dear infant of the earth,

A table is set for victors and leftovers for observers. 

Cherish the present and never be content with small victory.

All those rumbles and spooky roads.

All those lonely nights and thinking beyond our savvy

Are going to pay off.

And no song of dirge would be played at your celebration.


Oh! Mighty Zeus!

Keep this body far away from Hades.

Apollo has enlightened our paths. 

God of rain God of thunder!

Posiedon wash him spick.

For he comes from stained phratry.

The burning Re would always

Be your symbol of hope.


Only now, embark on a whole new beginning,

A fresh start,

Envision yourself highly for you're already winning,

Now don't rush, feel the transition with every footstep.


Document the precious journey trailed by your very dear heart.

By document I mean keep in mind your every step,

Envision, visualize the now and future,

Now embrace the face of the portrait of your whole new picture.


For even in your happiest life be humble for a broken mirror never knows it's broken until it hurts others. 

For the privilege of living is one even the Pharisees would beg again for.

Remember grave is a must. 

But before entering that chamber of silent peace. 

Do well to live a footprint in the hearts of many.


Till we meet again young Victor!







From "Heart And Strings Collection"

  • Author: Drich The Poet (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 21st, 2024 14:53
  • Comment from author about the poem: "Paths Of Legacy" with Dzejnieks Official, is truly a wonderful collaboration. From the distinct experience of everyday living to the evolution of humanity, poetry would always resonate with everyone. "Paths Of Legacy" is a poem that speaks highly and questions the existence of everyone, what's your legacy? When you are gone, what would people remember you for?
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