Without You (Extended)

Bishop M.

A man walks into a restaurant on a rainy cold evening

Asks for a table for two with some privacy

He is escorted to a table booth that’s dull with light

Setting up the table with two sets of silverware and glasses

The man in the restaurant sitting quiet and alone

In the corner, at a booth, drowned in darkness

Just sitting there staring at the other side of the table

As the waiter comes by asking “Are we waiting on someone else?”

The old man shook his head, and said “no”

He asked for a bottle of Pinot Noir

And an order of jalapeno poppers with buffalo ranch

When the bottle came, he poured two glasses

Just staring at the empty seat

With a somber look in his eye

The man started speaking to an empty seat

“Where do I go from here

Without you I fear

This day will never end

I lost you, My best friend”

For the man had only been here a few minutes

To him it felt like an eternity

Once again the waiter came with the Poppers he ordered

The man replied with a choppy Thank you

Just staring at the empty seat

With a somber look in his eye

 “I ordered your favorite dish

The jalapeno poppers, with buffalo ranch

For you to be here is my only wish

And us to be under an Olive Branch”

As he paid his bill

Eating and drinking nothing

The man in the restaurant sitting quiet and alone

Got up and started heading home


He got to the house, reluctant to stay

He wandered the newly empty halls

Where memories were inserted into the walls

Looking towards the living room

Remembering nights they spent together

In their lazy boys made of leather

Saddened and distraught

He headed to the bedroom

Still scented with her perfume

Thinking to himself aloud

"You always sprayed way too much

Wishing to feel your touch

One last time

I'd give everything down to my last dime."

He couldn't bring himself to sleep

In an empty bed just yet

He made his way back to the living room

Laid on the couch

All night long, he wished

To drift into a world of dreams

In which she would be with him

Even if it was brief

Still consumed with grief


The next morning, he headed to the cemetery

As far as the eye could see

Graves with flowers

Roses, Tulips, and Chrysanthemums

As he got to where she was buried

Just sitting next to her for a while

He built up the strength to say

"To protect you at all cost was my vow

From any danger, even at the cost of blood and bone

I have obviously failed since you lie under this headstone

I scream at the heavens to ask why and how

Looking back at the photos we took

Frolicking through fields of flowers

Time felt so fast; days felt like hours

Now it's at a sloth pace

Drowning in my emotions within this place

We used to call home

  • Author: Bishop M. (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 22nd, 2024 01:39
  • Category: Sad
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