I cant do thisI want a breakfromall of itfrom the worldfrom the killing people forjust using the bathroomfrom smashing someone's skull infor their identityfrom deciding that someone'slifeis worthlessbecause they're"different"this murder is the last strawbut what can I do butscream into my fistbut post and hopesomeone,anyonenoticesthat a child is deadthat their parents,their tribe,their friends,their community,has lost someone.they were16now they're deadkilled over a social media argumentmurdered and no one did anythingnobody called an ambulancenobody assessed their woundsnobody thought that this classified asa hate crimethat these girls should be arrestedthat Nex shouldn't be dead,shouldn't be making new York post headlinesand articlesmisgendering them the whole timethey shouldn't be deadthey shouldn't have been abused and harassedthis should be a bigger dealthis should be in CNNbut it's notthis should be a call to actionbut people like mejust sit around and do nothingand feel hopeless and scaredhow can people look at someone and decide that today is the day they are going to slam their head on the bathroom floorand kill someonebeat them in a bathroom they didnt evenwant to be ina bathroom they were forced intoby Oklahoma lawswhat's worse is thatafter the school refused to call emergency services,they proceeded to suspend Nexfor being bulliedfor being viciouslybeaten,eventually to deathI can't help but wonderwhy Im still alivewhile Nex is deadfor the sole reason of justexistingthis "alleged" assaultis all the proof I needthat there is no godI don't believe that a god would allowthis worldto become thisterribleI want a break fromall of it

  • Author: King4n6 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 22nd, 2024 16:34
  • Category: Sad
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