My existence

Meera Mere

Smiles fracture through worn skin,

Suffering silently, absolving of sin.

Each day, I curse my existence in fleeting flashes,

Gathering the shards scattered in life's mazes.


I feign emotions, my heart a puppeteer,

Burning muscles tensed with fear.

In pursuit of reality, my heart tarnished,

Living in a world my soul has banished.


In echoes of the past, innocence taunts,

A face once adorned with genuine joy haunts.

I've misplaced the art of infectious smiles,

A life bizarre, a chapter unforeseen by miles.


Yet, in a quiet corner, no retreat in sight,

The loquacious tongue silenced in the fight.

Solace claims its space in profound quiet,

Gratitude morphs into resilient defiance.


As I seek the truths life tightly clasps,

The charm of imagination in the shadows gasp.

For in this journey with no reverse track,

Words falter, and imagination's allure turns black.

  • Author: Meera Mere (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 27th, 2024 12:02
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 12
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  • Alan R

    For in this journey with no reverse track....

    • Meera Mere

      Thank u so much for your review AlanR😊

    • sorenbarrett

      Powerful words revealing experience and sadness leading to cynicism but some hope remains.

      • Meera Mere

        "Hope is the rope" Both the worst and best times pass. So just live it to the fullest. Thank u so much btw.

      • Cassie58

        Powerfully expressed with good choice of language. Well done Meera. Pleased I stopped by.

        • Meera Mere

          Thnak you so much Cassie58. Glad you liked liked the poem.

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