All too soon, my fragile life may end,

And I'll be forced to leave this mortal plane.

My loved ones' tears will fall like endless rain,

As I drift off into the eternal night.

My soul will float, a formless, drifting light,

Away from those I hold so dear and tight.

I fear the unknown fate that lies ahead,

And pray my passing will not fill them with dread.

Perhaps I'll find a peace beyond the grave,

But first, I must accept what I cannot save.

Though I am filled with dread,

I'll strive to give my all in life's brief span,

For those I love, and all humanity.

If death should take me, I will understand

That it is part of life's great mystery.

Though darkness looms, I'll never lose my sight

Of all the beauty life has held so bright.

And when my final hour comes to pass,

I'll know I lived with courage, love, and class.

My soul will rest in peace, though I must part

From all the joy and sorrow of this heart.

Though I may depart from this life and leave behind the things I hold most dear,

my legacy will live on in the hearts of those I've loved and touched.

My spirit will remain in the memories of those who knew me, and my impact will be felt long after I'm gone.

Though my physical presence may be absent, my influence will live on,

and I will be remembered for the good and bad I've done.

My legacy is more than just the things I've done or the possessions I've amassed;it's the love I've shared, the lives I've touched, and the difference I've made.

  • Author: ~Andre (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 28th, 2024 02:58
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 6
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  • Your_dreams

    Goddddd, this is so heartbreaking😭😭😭

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