Angel of Mine

Tash Naidoo

In the quiet depths of sorrow's embrace, Two souls, Zyairé and Ziaré, find their place.
Twins of my dreams, too soon they depart,
Leaving behind an ache in my heart.

With tender whispers, I felt their presence near,Yet fate's cruel hand swept them away, my dear.
In the hush of night, I hear their names,
Echoes of love amidst the silent flames.

Oh, how the pain pierces deep within,
Aching emptiness where their laughter should've been.
Each breath I take, a bittersweet sigh,
For their absence leaves tears in my eye.

But though they dwell in realms beyond,
In my heart, their memory fondly donned.
Engraved in every beat, their spirits reside,
Forever cherished, never to hide.
Though they never walked upon this earth's stage,
Their presence lingers, timeless, age by age.
Zyairé and Ziaré, my precious twins,
In my love, your journey begins.

  • Author: TashN🖤 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 28th, 2024 04:20
  • Comment from author about the poem: The depths of grief following the loss of my twins, I found solace in the gentle embrace of poetry. As I grappled with the overwhelming sorrow of their absence, words became my refuge, offering a pathway to healing and understanding.The journey began with the simple act of putting pen to paper, allowing my emotions to flow freely in verse. Each line became a tribute to the precious lives I had lost, a testament to the love that would forever bind us together. Through poetry, I found a voice for my pain, a means of expressing the depth of my sorrow and the magnitude of my loss.With each stanza, I embarked on a journey of remembrance, weaving memories into the fabric of my words. I painted portraits of my twins with ink and syllables, capturing the essence of their fleeting presence and the imprint they left on my heart. In the act of creation, I found a profound connection to their spirit, a way of keeping their memory alive through the power of language.But it was not just in the act of writing that I found solace; it was also in the act of sharing my poetry with others. As I shared my words with friends and loved ones, I discovered a community of support and understanding. Through the empathy of others, I found strength to confront my grief and embrace the bittersweet beauty of my twins legacy.As I continued to write and share my poetry, I found a sense of closure beginning to take root within me. Though the pain of their loss would always linger, I came to understand that their memory would endure, forever etched in the lines of my verse. Through poetry, I found a way to honor their lives and find peace in the knowledge that they would always be a part of me.Today, as I reflect on my journey of healing, I am grateful for the transformative power of poetry. In the delicate dance of words and emotions, I found the strength to confront my grief and embrace the enduring love that will forever bind me to my precious twins. And though they may be gone, their memory lives on in the verses that bear their name, a testament to the power of love to transcend even the deepest of sorrows.
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  • peto

    A stunning tribute
    Such strength and emotion in every word
    Thank you for sharing

    • Tash Naidoo

      Thank you for the kind words.

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