patience, patience


I. “i’ll let you know
when i get home,”
i say into the space between
us as the only man i’ve
ever truly loved embraces me
like i’m something, someone
to be cherished

i turn and wave one
last time before the trees block
the view of the little cabin,
then i take four buses back to
my empty apartment and
ache just that much more

II. we go out, or i come
over, and when you drive me
back home you wait until 
i’m inside before driving away

even when i fumble with 
my keys, your love is
still patient with me

III. “text me when you
get home,” i say,
and you do every time

even if you forget once
or twice, you apologize
twice as much, and i 
love you all the
more for that

IV. i cry into the
sink full of dishes that
i’m washing my way through,
hands too soapy to wipe away
the tears

but i grab a threadbare dishtowel
to see what you’ve got to say,
when my phone goes off

V. and i’ll dry my hands,
and my tears,
to text you back:
‘i love you, too’ 

  • Author: Boaz Priestly (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 29th, 2024 01:04
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 4
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  • James Michael

    I’ve always enjoyed your style of writing. Forgive me if I say the notchiness makes the emotions shine.

    The final stanzas of this modern poem express love as it should be.

    Be well my friend!

    • queer-with-a-pen

      Always good to hear from you, my friend!

      If I am understanding correctly, 'notchiness' is like stanzas? Which I do admit to being a fan of. I enjoy poetry that can be read all at once, or slowly and carefully. I am also equally parts glad and relieved that someone else likes this poem. I was a little worried it lacked my usual "pizazz." Glad to see I was wrong 😀

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