Brielle( Bre-el)


Notice of absence from Lil
If I don't respond in a few minutes I am probably at School, sleeping, with family/ friends, or forgot to bring my device.

Someone once told me "Somewhere out there is a tree,
tirelessly producing so you can breathe.
I think you owe it an apology."
I couldn't help but think how rude that was so I told them
"Your brain must feel good as new, seeing as you never use it."
Two wrongs don't make a right
Before you say its crazy lemme tell you
You mess with me Imma mess with you
When I say mess I mean...
M- a Master Manipulator
E- I will End you
S- You make me Sick
S- Stop don't talk to me
So if you wanna play
Play means...
P- you Piss me off
L-Lack of respect you have
A- for being a total Ass
Y- the times YOUR family have called me retarded, moron, or just plan stupid
So Brielle means...

Respect Me, Totally, Or Stay Away.
Day By Day, I Live Just As U Live.
Give, Me, The Applause I Deserve Over The Lying Ass Insult.
Hurt Yourself, Not I. Lie After Lie Makes Me Stronger.
Brighter Dayz, Ahead, 4 Ms. Brielle (Bre-El).

Brielle, a name soft upon the lips,
A melody that gracefully skips.
With each syllable, a gentle breeze,
Whispering secrets through the trees.
In its cadence, a touch of grace,
A name that fills the heart's embrace.
Brielle, like a star in the night,
Radiant with beauty, pure and bright.
With every utterance, a tender sigh,
A name that soars, like birds on high.
Brielle, a symphony of love,
A name that echoes in skies above.

  • Authors: Lil-M-M (Pseudonym), Broken Ankh, Dev parth
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  • Finished: March 16th, 2024 07:00
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
  • Invited: Public (any user can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is Mrs. Third wheeler. For those who read that poem. She's a real bitch. Her family calls me retarded, moron, or just plan stupid b-b-because I have a stutter p-problem. Or if I don't g-g-g-get something right the f-f-first time. SO TO ME HER WHOLE FAMILY IS A BITCH.
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