The Curiosity On The Raven's Pier


It is the madness that never ceases;

If love is love in the air,

Where is the ribbon flair?

And darkness is like lightning

It reflects upon the pain

And love is mysterious as all

Behold the multitude of crimes against love

If we all love, will we get infected?

For slow love is the slowest love rejected

And all the oceans rage against the war

Such the loveliest thing that comes to mind

And the moon is the heaviest thing in this room;

a room with four walls

As a wicked and mysterious bird remains

Remain, mysterious bird; remain

For life is tragic unless it's not

Heart to heart the roads are forced to break

And the rise of the fall has fallen

And many dreams break the dead bodies aligned

My pretty Juliet rose, she vows for her Romeo;

Oh Romeo, where is this wicked bird

That forces the winds to change?

Be not fallen under a great big bridge

Two lovers roam within the risqué of romance

Two lovers' bodies touch infallibly,

Invaluably the rose stems from the root

The eternal poet dies again...

Will I breathe again in this multitude of lens?

I sink in the river's heart, Behold

How does a raven sink into despair

When its heart is imparably cold?

For life is the lover's violin

And the pier is the player's paradise;

Let us not play the game softly

Into the tender eyes of wrath,

I loathe in your despair

Because my tender eyes

Can't see the wrath.

  • Author: Soul Baby (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 15th, 2024 00:21
  • Comment from author about the poem: As we learn to love, we allow ourselves to fly. Even if love can be a complete nightmare sometimes, there is some massive inspiration behind it. We all love, therefore we are brave.
  • Category: Love
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