There I love you

Reynaldo Casison


There I love you,

Within the sweet and tender,

Sanctuary of your Soul,

Where your love lights,

Its infinite candles,

And your Beauty,


Within evening and midnight gardens,


Evenings with rose stars,

Sparkle enchantingly to one another,

The moon glows golden,

Within our lighthouse,

Where romance loosens,

its velvet robe,

As waves like pretty horses,

Gallop to the shore,


The rain kisses the mist,

In swaying and still exotic silhouettes,

A nightingale soothes,

and bows its wings,

Like sunflowers to the luminous hem,

Of the Moon,

There I love you,

With the exquisite irises,

Swaying besides the lake,

And everywhere your crescent hips,

Sweetly dances,

Sweet, high stars,

And you embrace the darkness,

To lovingly caress the light,

Sweet, high stars,


Sometimes you wake up in dream,

And even your hair is wet,

With longings,

Your Soul candlelit with hymns,


Intimately the ocean waves,

Shimmer with sparkling waves,

And our Rose moon,

This is a serenade a five string one,

For your sweet and sultry dove wings,

I feel them sing with your love,

even when youre miles away,


There I love you,

And the Sunsets undresses you,

With its Lavendar beauty,

To unwind with the robed Moon,

And naked champagne stars,


I love you amidst these,

Damp and flamenco things,

Sometimes your rhythms,

Cruise like velvet kisses,

Around the universe,

There I love you,

And within the sweet and tender,

Sanctuary of your Soul,


The harbor piers,

Shed your sadness,

And Brightens,

With gentle and deep Midnight stars,

There I love you,

In your honey coves,

With the moonlight dancing,


The moon glows,

with our Salsa dreams,

The rosiest stars bloom,

Within midnight garden caress,

With your loves infinite gaze,

And while we deeply, sweetly,

Love one another,

The maples with the vineyards,

Hymn your love,

With our roses of stars

Reynaldo Casison











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