Echos of return



"I shall return, oh beloved,  

Passing through the abyss.  

Walking with death side by side,  

Through the sky and the stars.  

I shall, I shall, like how your thoughts always return to me.


I can hear your prayers and cries,  

I see you staring at the door with flooded eyes.  

I shall return, my beloved, for I have a promise to fulfill.  

I want to be with you until my eyes loose their sight,  

Until my mouth speaks your name,  

Until my last breath.


My beloved, it's dark here.  

The land is pale and black.  

There is no color here,  

Only dark red flows with a bust of sound everywhere.  

I try not to drown in the river,  

Which has been dyed crimson red,  

As I have to return to you, my beloved.


I try not to lose myself in the soil,  

For our young one is yet to emerge from the cocoon.  

She has yet to spread her wings  

And fly towards the bright moon.  

I try not to succumb to the demons,  

For our seed is yet to sprout,  

For our flower is yet to bloom,  

Yet to spread its scent and color  

Throughout the three realms.


I long to see the sprouted flower bloom,  

To spread its scent of love and joy.  

I long to see our young one fly  

Into the vast land with me watching over her.  

These reasons keep me sane in this insane land.


My hands and legs are bound to this land,  

Even though I wish to return, I can't.  

I keep moving towards a bottomless pit,  

With just hope in my heart,  

Nothing else, nothing else.


If I were to be mixed in this crimson soil,  

Then, my beloved, keep moving down the road,  

For you have a different path to take.  

I know flowers and joy will fill the road you choose.


If I were to exist only in that photo frame,  

Know that I would forever be by your side.  

Even after I break free from this body's shackles,  

I will wait for you and watch over you.


For now, I continue moving towards a bottomless pit,  

Searching for a ray of light  

In the dark cave of mystery,  

With hope in my heart,  

Nothing else, nothing else."

  • Author: Vast as the ocean (Pseudonym) (Online Online)
  • Published: March 31st, 2024 04:22
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 12
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  • Lorenz

    You'll snatch Eurydice from the underworld but don't look back !

  • Introverted Sage

    Hope in our hearts and faith in self is a sure way to finding the needed light. Splendid write!

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