Haunted remnants

Vox Innocta

Do i draw?

I dabble and i try

To perfect what i know i can not

To mimic what i can no longer admire

An ethereal beauty 

And yet as soon as i dare to lay hold

You flutter away

Ever elusive

But as a hunter stalks his prey

I persevere

never submitting before the compulsion

To forget you 

Your voice

Your touch 

As all others do

I’ll do what i can

And most can not

I scribble 




All in hope

That one day 

One day indeed

When your laughter relinquishes its charm

And your eyes lose their luster 

Yearning to keep hold 

Of those enchanted memories

I may glance at the imperfect perfection

A replica lacking a dimension

Reminded from the sliver of you

What once was

Then again

I might join sisyphus 

In a fatuous endeavor  

Doomed to keep you close

To revive the world we had


  • Author: Vox Innocta (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2024 01:05
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 0
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