Gypsy within you

Reynaldo Casison

Her Beauty sways,

In the mango vineyard,

Her honey brunette hair,

is violin melodies in the breeze,


Moon sways down like hymn,

Just soothe away the pain,

soothe away the rain,

And with your love,

And the blush of Moon,

She goes waltzing in her robe,

In the vineyard lanes,


Within you, her Rhythms move,

And her Loves exquisite suede,

The Gypsy within you,

Shes exquisite suede,

Within you, her Beauty moves,

And her Loves luminous suede,

The Gypsy within you,

Shes exquisite suede,

And her love, love, love,

Is a heavenly blossom,

To kiss you through the days,

My love, The Midnight stars sparkle,

With our champagne,

And the moon glows with your love,

upon the crescents of your hips,

Tender in your Soul,

To kiss away the tears,

Of the misty years,


Moon sways down like roses,

In the wind,

Within you,

Her Beauty moves,

and shes exquisite suede,

The Gypsy within you,

shes luminous suede,

and her love, love, love,


a heavenly blossom away,

The gypsy within you,

She dances sweet,

robed and naked,


luminous moonbeam suede

Reynaldo Casison






  • Author: Reynaldo Casison (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2024 04:57
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 1
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