My Story


You once asked for my story so here it is...

I opened up wide to you and left pieces of me behind

(Mostly in your teeth but still)

When you saw my mountain, you wanted to climb me

You studied and prepared

You had all the right equipment and

Truth be told

The climb wasn't that hard

(For you)

A little long maybe 

But at least you weren't waiting

(Like I was)

Anyway you climbed and

                            I came and

                               You came and

                                  We both came 

To meet at your door or 

Was it my door?

(Which I guess is still your door)

I invited you in or maybe you invited yourself, either way I had been waiting and I didn't even know

(Til you showed up) 

But when I figured it out, well

You know how silly I am

I invited you in knowing my house was a mess

(But you never told me it was a fucking test) 

I didn't even need to open my pages

Or ask you to read aloud, while I laid

Naked as could be

For you to grow to know

Every imperfection

My soul EX-posed

Screaming 'I love you' from the very TIP TOP

Of my lungs, my idiot mouth unable to STOP 

(Telling you shit)

So yeah, it felt like you took a piece of me

(Maybe only because I wanted you to)

Look, I knew I was giving without having been asked

But when you take what is offered and touch it like that

I don't think it's fair to expect a 'my bad' 

(To be the only explanation)

It's not your fault you didn't want my pieces

I know they aren't great 

(But so did you)

I made them myself, though

And I was holding them, waiting

For him to come, so

When you came and

                       I came and

                             We both came

To meet at the door

Naturally, I thought you were the HIM I had been waiting for

Funny thing is, I saw you coming

But you didn't look like you were headed my way 

And I didn't think you could be HIM anyway

(Til you got closer)

See, I didn't know that while you DID climb my mountain looking for HER

And you DID come to my door or

Did we decide I came to yours?

(Either way I came)

I mean you came, inside

And announced your presence

Looked around at my contents

Put all on display

You oohed and aahed at them even

Set everything just the right way

You hinted to the future 

And where you might fit

(Inside me)

You gave every impression you liked my home or

Me being at yours and

That there would be frequent, future visits

Without saying the words 

(Because that makes it count)

You were wrong, though

I'm not smarter than you

(But I'm learning)

So you entered and 

Willingly and mostly graciously

Accepted every silly piece of me

All right and good 

But the thing that gets me

Is you knew

While you chewed

On the food

That YOU swallowed whole AND asked for seconds of 

That it was made in a kitchen that ONLY serves love

Still, you pulled up a chair 

Just like you belonged there

And you knew it was only ME in the place you ravaged 

And no amount of looting will make me the girl you imagined

I know I asked for it

(But I didn't know it would feel so good)

Yeah, I know I'm crazy

But all I'm TRYING to say 

Is you knew when you bit into ME

I wasn't the HER you came here to meet

Maybe you thought I could be?

(Til I got closer)

Common mistake actually

You gave my shit back true to your word

You say things without words though, ya know?

It's true though we never discussed

The way I would be used 

Or the length of the lease

I had it all wrote up once 

Just for you to read

(But I guess you never got to it)

My heart ...

I mean my pieces

Are healing fine, thanks for asking

He still writes...

Every now and then 

I think he might...

But the truth is he writes 

So that anyone concerned

Doesn't get anything twisted

(Does he stay to watch me burn?)

No, it was only upon my own insistence

That he ever even came to know

Every closet, every bedroom

Of my humble abode

Of course I write back 

Just being nice

Of course I don't tell him

I'm still holding my insides

(Unrequited love can't kill me twice, right?)

I tell him I knew 

It was never anything like...

I guess it just never was anything 



  • Author: tiffanyglenn8 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2024 09:37
  • Comment from author about the poem: Just my story about a guy. His might be different.
  • Category: Love
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