Kid's Thoughts


Chasing butterflies,
Playing with a stick,
Catching a leaf,
Batting at shadows...

These are in our dreams.

If dogs bark,
Then what's on a tree?
In winter,
Are trees cold?

Things we question.

Watching birds,
Look at squirrels.
Playing with shadows and moss.

Things we enjoy.

So, as you can see...
The biggest difference between
A kid and an adult is this;
Kids can enjoy simple things.

Little, tiny things,
So easily overlooked by most,
Kids can see them and love them,
Even though they are completely meaningless.

But, the problem is,
And we all wonder this...
When I grow up,
When I'm an adult
Who will I be?
Still me?

Of all the things I'm suppose to be,
Do I have the time,
To just be me?

The thoughts and dreams,
And the chasing sun beams,
Will I still have that?
When I'm older?

Will I still have the time?
The time for fun?
Or will that time,
Be done?

  • Author: PaperFlowerFields (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2024 12:12
  • Category: Unclassified
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