Tall as the sunflowers by the bakery 

Heavy as the wind that whistles on the sea

I lay with barren skin, scar-free 

Dead and gone at my autopsy 


One snake tongue cut opens me up

It's time you face what's underneath

Come read, close-up of my death trap

Which of my organs shall it be?


Never poisoned myself with smoke 

Yet behold my lung, jet black

Cause in your soul burns poison oak

I'm ill from breathing your breath 


Careful with my heart, when once it was tough 

In tatters its pieces hang uneven 

Elfin and shy from lack of love

Not one last drop left for bleeding 


The examiner terms my liver eerie

Are those letters? What a curiosity 

You'd know those words, you spoke them

So long, thought I'm the problem


Starved holes into my belly 

You wanted it that way

Said skinny equals beauty

And children must obey


And for the grand finale 

Regard the thing you battled most 

My maggot infested brain

On anger they might overdose

Fat and round and scathing

Some feast on revenge 

Others on pity

Do you ever regret

For even a moment's time

What you did to me


Question marks welded to clemency

Repressed a black and blue memory

Doctor cuts himself on sharpened teeth 

Could've killed, but I left your city 

Back of my throat, what's it he sees?


My love for you 


Flummoxed even the adept expert

Perilous fusion of hatred and need 

One no betrayal could've severed 

How could I not? It's you who made me



Muted siren scream on my face

As he puts my organs back in their place

That's how it has to be 

Even in death you'll be part of me

  • Author: weltschmerz (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2024 15:37
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