A Boy Named Lazarus


The sun is high, and the moon is low

Dear Prudence, will you be out tomorrow?

For the prunes are as hard as gold

I cannot eat these, for they will rot

And this is the most meaningful song to me

The wrecking of the birds

Slamming their heads into prudent trees

How sad is life when life is sad itself?

And Jesus burned the cross years ago

When he heard Lazarus sing,

And oh did he sing a mighty song

About the birds, the bees, and war

And I'm beginning to think

The table in my house can't stand

For the windows are broken, and my eyes are shut

And the newborn baby is crying

Which lake do I have to drown in

To avoid the chaos?

And the streets of London are filled with hate

And there is madness on every land

I stand upon;

And the barbarian's nature is to kill the innocent

Raise up the dead and let us see justice

My heart is broken from the shattered glass

Alas, alas, the shadow's bound

Oh Lazarus may your soul be weary

A castle's gold is made of prunes

And tomorrow we will make prune jam

Out of rotten hope

And behold the shadows of the heart, will they ever fade?

For society is a pigeonhole in retrospect;

Where are the flowers that presume the Bible?

For Lazarus is a body raised from the dead

And onto the bed of life,

God raise these flowers to be in retrospect

For retrospect is what we need right now

For love is a pillar of warnings

And fasting is a way to protect the rage;

Rage, rage on my dear Lazarus

For you are a little boy in retrospect

Embrace the flowers that brought you here

Let the last of the last remain... 

  • Author: Soul Baby (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 1st, 2024 19:14
  • Category: Unclassified
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