The Lord is my God.


The Lord is my God:


Why dismayed?


Am I wrong,


Have I gone astray?


Am I convicted by what has been sold..


Is seeking your glory now somewhat old. 


I ponder, I question...


The answers arise...


What is the truth?


Where does it lie?


Execute true judgement, 


Show mercy, compassion, every man to his brother, 


Don't oppress the widow, the poor, or your mother,


The fatherless, the stranger, (going okay so far, might be out of danger?)-and don't imagine evil in your heart against your brother. 


But who is my mother, who is my brother? (Can I get out?)


I see the scriptures leave me no doubt. 


The thoughts are still there,


Am I through


I didn't refuse to hearken, 


I don't think I stopped my ears,


My heart is not an adamant stone, 


You've witnessed all my tears.


But hear, I lay uncertain 


Offences may be few


Others may say for certain 


My hope is in you.



I want to be an old man in the city of truth. 


Staff in my hand,


Living proof.


Now for hire...


Man and beast.


The remant of his people 


To be released. 









  • Author: Valiantstar (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 2nd, 2024 07:50
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 7
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  • orchidee

    Good write 2.

  • Mason Vollman

    Wow, It's Beautiful. 🙏

    • 2781

      Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and there be few that find it.

      • Mason Vollman

        Yep, Mathew 7:13-14

      • sorenbarrett

        So many thoughts common to many yet a beautiful wish.
        "But who is my mother, who is my brother? (Can I get out?)"
        A key question to the fanatics only those that believe as they do are their brothers all else to burned or beheaded, to me not only all human beings but all living things are my brothers and the hills, rocks, and universe itself is my mother. They all should be treated with that respect of honoring fathers and mothers. Love to all great write.

        • 2781


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