The viability Of Our Mother


Once in a book I read

that by 2052 or so

Mother Earth would say go!

Life as we know it would certainly be dead 

Fields of gold and harvest

once lands of purpose and plenty;

will till wealth no more 


The few will prosper from the 

blooded laboring of the many

Barren dry land

even berrft of weeds

where no seed can grow

Famine feeds

from landfills,

like pigs rooting around;

searching for garbage thrown

Snouts digging fruitlessly

deep in the ground

Little nutritional value is found


The sun sick Arctic and it's twinned Antarctic

will weep drowning all with none to spare

The Inuit's way of life extinct

as well as the polar bear 

All waters currents will disrupt

and engulf the deep

Volcanoes will never sleep

Born anew all will erupt

from drilling into Mother's fiery heat

torching deadened blackened land everywhere 

all species run to nowhere in defeat 


For the prolific billions there can be no retreat

Drought and wind together as tinder ignite 

Like match to flame to parched panting terrain

Setting forests alight

Cravingly burning everything in sight

Sudden much needed rain

is not always the sweetest refrain

As rivers surge over banks drowning as they flow

even Humanity will not have a safe place to go 

Hurricanes,Tsunamis and Tornados

in a sweeping swath

destroy communities in their path 

Earthquakes will recreate Continental Drift

Maps,borders and sovereignties will re-shift


Pestilence filled barrels that drain

like a deluge uncontained

with corporate chemical and nuclear waste

Flowing they accumulate and infiltrate

spitefully seeping where

ground water goes

Poisoning every watering space

choking off all that grows

Hunger takes its place

in the many bites of a multitude of flies

swarming in children's mucusy

hallowed out skeletal eyes


The oceans' ecosystem imperiled burns

Oil spills from ships and underwater drills

The depths will heat up killing all the krill

Coral beds will crumble and live no more

Creatures' toxic as carrion,sentient and gilled

float belly up in tarry swill

The cool moving tranquility of the sea

will be a plastic filled travesty

from whales to the smallest bit

of drifting plankton,down to the ocean bed

will wash up on our polluted garbage fed 

mortally stained sand-less shore 

The songs sung by deep currents and breaking wave

will disappear like mermaids into lore

and the tides will turn no more


Deforestation will not clear the way for new nations

but destroy instantly what we fail to see

Possibilities will topple

and lay rotting on the forest floor 

Diversity and hope logged away with the tree

The sun will refuse to shine through acid rain

Radioactive wind will blow where no bird can nest

What man has made airborne

has brought all Mother's  winged to mourn 

Everything that has breath will be put to the test


is it now too late to globally initiate 

an interconnected resurrection plan?

Can we multi-culturally unite and care 

for this macro cosmic universe we share?

Mankind has never been Earth-kind 

We have dismissed Nature's warning signs

and hurled ourselves over blasted red lines

With our sunglasses still on we are sun-struck

that Specie Extinction may well be our own fate 


As war and greed close in on humanity's core, 

we must remember in the silence

between reality and dreams;

that the human souls is more than it seems

What separates man from beast

is the least of our fears

This frail balance of life is not meant to be

held clenched in human hand

We must yearn inward and reacquaint

one's self with Mother's  plan 

Maybe then we can be more than man savaging

all existence with his bitter tears

and with blind defiance stripping away

all our Eco-commonality through the years

Then will this weary worn Earth

choose to abide us awhile longer here


  • Author: MLHnow (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 2nd, 2024 12:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: For all future descendants¬† human and wild, may we leave a healthy green earth for all to live upon and to honor Our mutual Mother¬† celebrate our Earth Mother not only on Earth Day
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