My phobias


Notice of absence from Lil
If I don't respond in a few minutes I am probably at School, sleeping, with family/ friends, or forgot to bring my device.

If your me you have Astraphobia

In which is the fear of lighting/ thunderstorms

If your me you have claustrophobia

Is the fear of tight or in closed spaces

My other phobia is Scopophobia

This is the fear of being watch or stared at

I also have phonophobia

That is the fear of loud noises/ being yelled at

Wait till you hear this I have

Pepidoterophobia- fear of butterflies & moths

And Trypophobia`- fear of holes or patterns
This is normal to have
Arachnophobia - fear of spiders
I have Animotophonia fear of emotions
in my case is bad even though I'm on here
I have the fear of people =Anthrophobia
My phobias is also Acrophobia
In which is normal, but with me my phobias are too much
My weirdest of all I think is Thalassophobia the fear of deep water.
  • Author: Lil-M-M (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 2nd, 2024 16:56
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  • Mason Vollman

    Ha, All those Phobias... Too bad Beautiphobia is not a word.

    • Lil

      Lol. Yeah I have all those phobias...some are related to my PTSD its sad. But thank you for making me laugh.

      • Mason Vollman

        Yeah, I never heard of anyone so young with PTSD... I also have arachnophobia. lol. I don't understand Trypophobia.

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      • Doggerel Dave

        A catalogue of phobias - thank you for enhancing my clinical vocabulary.

        • Lil

          Thank you. Tbh all of these(my phobias) are worst in school since they have a lot of hole patterns and tight spaces ect. But thank you anyways.

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